We offer high-quality clerical and monastic attire sewn by nuns with decades of experience. Our time-tested, easy-care standard fabrics are available for most of the garments in this category.

Fabric Options

  • Cotton/Poly Poplin: Crisp, shirt-weight for inner cassocks and vests in warmer climates.
  • Cotton/Poly Twill: Durable, medium-weight fabric for long-wearing, all-season inner cassocks and vests.
  • Gabardine: Medium-weight polyester/rayon/spandex; comfortable with a soft drape for elegant inner and outer cassocks and vests. Great for packing.
  • Poly Poplin: Light-weight, 100% polyester; a soft, full drape for an easy-care cassock or monastic mandya. Also packs well.
  • Faux Silk: Medium-weight 100% polyester with the lustrous look of silk without the wrinkles; a versatile choice for all apparel.

For an additional charge, washable wool blend fabrics (from one of the country’s premier wool fabric suppliers) may be selected:

  • Wool Blend Gabardine: Medium-weight, polyester/wool gabardine.
  • Tropical Wool: Very light-weight, breathable, polyester/wool tropical blend.

Time Frame

Due to a large volume of work, we do not have due dates on orders; they are processed in the order in which they are received. At present our lead time for most sewing orders is approximately six months, though we cannot guarantee it.